Wolf Bait – an erotica shifter story

This is a steamy werewolf gangbang story – sure to get your pulse racing!

It’s set in a time when werewolves are known to humans, and a group of volunteer girls must keep them pacified by having sex with them the morning after every full moon.

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Chapter One

I couldn’t believe it. I had been picked to be a bait bitch again tonight. The normal rule was that a girl could not be bait without at least a six week break since the last time. It gave us time to recover a little.

Angelica had explained that the wolves had asked for me by name, which was highly unusual. Normally the wolves will fuck anything that moves – names don’t come into it. The wolves knew me as Annalise though my real name was Sarah. We all used false names just like women in brothels did, it made everything a little more anonymous.

Of course, the official name for a girl like me wasn’t a ‘bait bitch’ but that’s the name we gave ourselves, because that’s what we were, bitches who were bait.

The original name we had been given under the peace treaty was ‘pacification females’ but this didn’t ring true to our ears. The wolves saw us as bitches to fuck, not to pacify them, and we were left for them to do with as they pleased the morning after a full moon, as wolf blood still coursed through their veins. The name ‘bait bitches’ had stuck.

When werewolves had first made themselves known to humanity, twenty years ago, I was still only a two year old, so I’d never known the old way of life. I’d watched the films of the time and laughed at them – wolves were more interested in fucking than ripping people apart as the films showed, although if they didn’t have a steady flow of girls then the ripping would commence.

So the peace agreement was put in place. Humanity would be relatively unscathed as long as certain criteria were met, and one of those criteria was that each wolf pack had access to a string of girls between 18 and 20 years old.

At 18 I’d just become eligible and volunteered my services. No one was ever forced into this ‘work,’ but the promise of enough money to last a lifetime for two short years of being fucked senseless every six weeks was enough to keep up a steady stream of recruits.

I was unhappy that I’d been picked to be a bitch again so quickly, I was barely walking properly after the last time – those wolves don’t mess around when they’ve got a fresh piece of meat on the fucking table. I counted ten in the room at one time and I’d had to make sure they all left happy. They did of course, I was good at what I did. I left happy too, until the soreness got me the following day.

Let’s skip a few pages!

He stared down at me, running his glowing eyes from my pigtailed hair, over my tight shirt and tartan skirt and right down to my gaping wet pussy that was filling the air with a scent undetectable to me, but vibrant and enticing to these men whose senses were heightened, and would remain so for the remainder of the day.

A low rumbling growl came from deep in his throat and he grasped his manhood with a big hand, beginning to bend it downwards in the direction of my tight hole.

The huge purple head visibly pulsated as he began to stroke himself, his hand working up and down his engorged shaft as he approached me. There would be no foreplay, wolves didn’t go in for that sort of thing when they were still in this form. He would ram it in me, and as soon as he had the other men would come and join in, having shown their respect by letting the alpha bury himself deep in me first.

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