Taken While My Husband watches

Hubby watches his wife with two big men!

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Chapter One

I wasn’t going to disappoint my husband. I’d promised myself that. I was going to give him the show of his life, show him what a really dirty woman could do with two big cocks and a few glasses of wine inside her.

Paul had practically begged me to fuck two men in front of him and it hadn’t taken much persuasion to get me to agree. I’d always wanted to be taken by two well hung studs, just like the women in the films we watched together, and tonight it was going to happen.

Paul was downstairs now, drinking beer with the men who were soon going to be inside his wife. I pinched my arm to remind myself that this was real and not just some naughty dream that I would awake from soon, with wet panties and stiff nipples – no, this was really about to happen.

All I had to do was go downstairs and introduce myself to the men whose names I was yet to learn, and let nature take its wonderful course.

Paul had done all the ground work. It was his idea after all – why should I have to do the scouring of internet sites looking for men with big dicks who were on the market for a bit of fun? My job was just to entertain the men, and myself and Paul of course.

I gazed at my reflection and puckered my lips. I thought I looked slutty enough. Dressed in just a black matching bra and pantie set I guessed that when I went downstairs I would give off the right message. The message being ‘Fuck me boys – in all my holes.’

I was ready. My pussy was shaved and beginning to get very wet just from the thought of the two men I’d never even seen before, whose voices I could hear now, laughing and joking with my husband a floor below me. Images of big cocks flashed through my mind as I imagined myself kneeling before them, ready to be taken and used.

I wondered just how big these men would be. Paul’s cock was a perfectly normal 6.5 inches and it had served me well over the years, but I was ready to feel what something a bit bigger felt like as it spread my pussy and burrowed deep inside me. I hoped that Paul had managed to find two men who not only had size, but knew how to use what they had too. I wanted my first experience of a big cock, well, two in this case, to be a memorable one. I wanted to be fucked properly.

The wine bottle and half full glass sat on the dressing table in front of me and I quickly emptied the glass before topping it up with the dregs of the bottle. That was enough Dutch courage, now it was time to go and service two men in front of my husband.

I flicked my long brown hair and smiled at myself in the mirror. You go girl. Show them what you’re made of.

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