Stripper night

This book was previously published as ‘Big fun in the club’ so check your collection in-case you double up!

‘Stripper night’ is based on one of my own fantasies. I really did used to work in a nightclub that often had a live male stripper show and the thoughts that I used to have would make a porn star blush!

This book revolves around Gemma (Me!) and four male strippers – it’s definitely not for those with a weak constitution. If you like gangbangs and men with big dicks then this book is for you!

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Chapter One

I took my warmest winter coat from the hook next to the door and slipped it on. As I fastened the large red buttons I wondered yet again where things had gone wrong.

I had studied studiously for three years to gain my degree in business management, and here I was, about to set off for another night serving behind a bar in a seedy nightclub.

My logical mind told me over and over that the town had no jobs, and if I wanted to achieve more I would have to move to a larger, more prosperous area. My illogical 21 year old mind, on the other hand, told me that I wouldn’t cope in the big wide world without friends and family nearby.

My rent was paid and I had food in my cupboards. Couple that with the open invitation from my parents to move back home whenever I liked, and I had no reason to take risks just yet.

I pulled my hood up over my head and stepped out into the cold evening, ready for the twenty minute walk.


The doorman gave me a cheery welcome as I approached the steps, “Hi Gemma!”

Lee was a friendly mountain of a man, a six foot three gentle giant to people who knew him, but a formidable force to be reckoned with to anybody who crossed him when he was on duty.

I returned the greeting, “Hi Lee, it’s a cold one!”

“You’ll soon warm up in there,” He grinned, hooking his thumb over his shoulder, indicating the club, “Its ladies night!”

This was not good. I hated ladies night. Apart from the strippers who could only be glimpsed occasionally from the bar through the throng of drunk middle aged women, there were no men to pass the time watching, or to flirt with as they attempted to chat me up – a feat never accomplished. Not because I played ‘hard to get’ but because apart from the town being small and people speaking too much, I had a boyfriend.

I pulled my hood down and approached the door, “Duncan didn’t tell me it was stripper night!”

Lee laughed, pulling the door open, “Does Duncan ever inform his staff of anything?”

He was right. Duncan was an awful manager. He never knew who was covering what shift, or kept the staff informed of any upcoming events. He had probably only decided on ladies night this morning.

A ladies night sign, complete with a silhouette of a muscular male stripper had been put up on the wall, but that would have been the only attempt at communicating the event. Duncan never advertised anything, relying on the wildfire of small town gossip instead.

The fact it was ladies night didn’t bother me on any moral or other fundamental level. It just meant I wouldn’t get home until at least two hours later than normal – tidying up after ladies night took longer than a normal night.

I walked past Lee and headed into the warm interior, the transition from the cold January evening to warm air conditioning making me a little dizzy for a second or two.

I took my phone from my pocket and began texting,

Won’t be home till at least 4am, just found out it’s going to be a late one! See you soon xxx

I hit the send button and the text flew off into the ether, to be delivered to Mark’s phone.

Let’s skip a few pages!

I moaned with lust, “Please guys,” I begged, “Make me cum again.”

“Don’t worry about that,” one of them laughed, “We’re going to wreck you. You’ll cum again.”

The man holding me turned away from the mirror so I was facing the guy on the sofa. He was stroking his huge length in one hand and massaging a pair of heavy balls in the other, “Bring her here mate,” he grunted, “Put her on me.”

I felt my feet touch the ground as I was lowered, then spun around to face the man who had carried me. He lifted me again, this time, my tits on his chest. I reached for his mouth with mine as I felt his hardness nudging my dripping cunt. He responded, forcing his tongue into my mouth as he carried me across the room.

He began lowering me, and I squealed as a pair of hands grabbed my arse cheeks and spread them wide, forcing my tight arsehole open. I felt it twitching as it tried to shut but the hands kept it wide as I was lowered further.

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