Shared With A stranger

A man shares his wife with a stranger!

James wants to watch his wife with another man. Spoiler alert – he gets his wish!

His wife has the best night of her life, complete with a little double penetration!

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Chapter One

I stared at my husband. I knew he was open minded, as was I, but this was beyond anything I thought he would ever suggest. In seriousness anyway.

“Share me?” I queried, shocked, “I’m not a toy James, to be passed around your friends.”

“I’m not talking about passing you around my friends Katie,” He protested, “I’m talking about you, me and another guy having some fun, opening our eyes a little.”

I’d brought this on myself, I realised that. I’d told James too many of my fantasies over the years as he was fucking me, whispering them into his ear as I clawed his back with my nails. I had even told him in the throes of passion, as I orgasmed on him that I would love to try them out in real life.

I sipped my wine and gazed at him, ‘I don’t think it’s a good idea James, I’ve heard of couples separating when somebody else is introduced into a marriage.”

 Another thought crossed my mind, “Anyway, then you’d be expecting me to share you with a woman,” I looked him in the eyes, “And I can’t do that.”

“No, I wouldn’t, I promise,” he gushed, “I just want to see you with a man, like we talk about. I don’t give a fuck about screwing another woman!”

I put my hand on his and leaned across the table, “I’ll give it some thought,” I reassured, “But I’m not sure ok?”

There that should do it. I had perfected saying no while giving the impression I may be saying yes. James was still unwise to it even after ten years of living with me, three of them as my husband.

He reached for his beer, “Fantastic!” he enthused, ‘I knew you’d say yes!”


The night I did say yes was nearly four months after James had suggested it. I was on my knees with my head in my pillow and my arse high in the air as James rammed his dick in and out of my pussy. Hard and fast.

“Oh fuck Katie,” he panted from over my shoulder, “I really want to watch you being fucked by another man.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards, “Please!”

“Yes!” I screamed, “Yes! I want to fuck a big cock while you watch! Fucking find someone James!”

The middle of an orgasm is never the best time to make a decision I realised, as we lay next to each other ten minutes later, James stroking my breast and telling me he was going to find a man as soon as possible and me staring at the ceiling wishing I wasn’t so talkative during sex.

Chapter Two

Weeks had passed since I had sort of given James permission to find someone to fuck me and not a lot had been said about the matter since. I assumed he had gone off the whole idea a little.

I watched now as he pushed the lawnmower up and down our small back garden, trying to reproduce the stripes his father always seemed to have on his beautifully lush lawn. Our lumpy mass of patchy yellow grass and moss just didn’t respond in the same way.

I laughed as he shooed our dog out of the way of the buzzing mower and continued his valiant effort to give us our dream garden.

James looked good for his age. At 42 he was 12 years my senior but 15 years my junior when it came to being an adult.

 I loved that quality in him, I was never sure what he would do next. One minute he could be working hard on a website design for a client, and the next begging me to let him have a remote control helicopter, and jumping for joy if I said yes. I felt bad that financial decisions were always run by me, but it was James’s immature attitude that had got us into the debt we were just emerging from in the first place.

He had given up on the lawn and was helping the dog chase the cows away from the hedge at the top of our garden. James was convinced that they would eat their way through from the farmer’s field if given enough time.

He wore just his shorts and a pair of flip flops, the ideal footwear to protect the feet from spinning lawnmower blades. James was five foot nine and had a full head of fair hair which had bleached blonder in the summer sun. His head refused to give up anymore hair and had stopped receding five years ago giving him the look of a man much younger. His skin had always been annoyingly soft and healthy, and his eyes shone blue. He wasn’t a bad looking man at all. The beginnings of a beer belly was the only thing letting him down a little. He had a plan for getting rid of it though and it would probably start on Monday.

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