Our First Share

A tale of first time swinging!

Join Matthew and Katie as they embark on their experience of swinging.

A local couple are more than happy to introduce them to the alternative lifestyle, and fun is had by all four people!

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Chapter One

Matthew slipped inside me with a grunt of pleasure. “Fuck, you’re wet,” he gasped.

I dug my fingernails into the flesh of his ass cheeks as he began thrusting in and out of me. “All that talk of big dicks has got me hot,” I said, as I spread my legs a little wider, wishing he could go deeper, wishing he was better endowed.

“Me too,” he said, his breath hot on my neck and his ass moving faster. “I really want to see it. Will you do it? Please, Katie,” he begged, as he took one of my hard nipples between his fingers and squeezed.

I really wanted to do it. Really wanted too. Matthew had been talking about watching me fuck a big cock for years, but recently he’d really being pressuring me.

I just worried about the fallout – would he be jealous? Could he handle seeing a stranger slipping his big cock into his squirming wife?

My clit throbbed and grew even harder as he spoke. “Let me watch you with a big dick, Katie. Tell me you want it too.”

I pushed my pussy upwards off the bed to meet his powerful thrusts and imagined a larger man impaling me as Matthew watched from beside me. I wanted it. Badly wanted it.

“Okay,” I moaned. “I’ll do it. I’ll fuck a big fucking cock in front of you.”

My words sent my husband over the edge and he slumped onto me, his dick twitching inside my pussy, filling me with hot warm spurts of seed.

“Thank you, Katie,” he grunted as he came, his body shaking on top of mine.

“On one condition though,” I said.

“What?” said Matthew, as his cum began dribbling between my ass cheeks in a warm trickle.

“I get to watch you with a woman. We meet a couple.”

Chapter Two – Two Weeks Later

My pussy seemed to be wet almost all day long, every day, as the weekend approached.

We had arranged to meet a husband and wife at their home. The couple were experienced swingers and had welcomed the chance to introduce two beginners to the lifestyle.

Paul and Nicola were of a similar age to us. Paul was thirty eight and Nicola was thirty two.

With Matthew being forty two, and me thirty, we thought they would be a perfect match.

The pictures they had emailed were perfect too. Paul was tall and well-built and Nicola was slim and shapely, a few sizes smaller than my curvy body.

Matthew had really liked the look of Nicola, her long blonde hair was in stark contrast to my equally long chestnut hair and her pert tits were a few sizes smaller than my big ones.

I had loved the look of Paul too. He had a masculine look about him with short cropped dark hair and deep brown eyes which seduced me even from his photo. I wondered what they’d do to me in real life.

The photo of his erect penis was what excited me most though. It made my knees weak each time I looked at it, which was quite often. He’d said in his message that it was nine and a half inches long when hard, three and a half inches longer than my husband, and it was thick, oh so thick. I couldn’t wait to feel it in my hand, excited and eager to enter me.

Matthew had only been the third man I’d ever slept with and I’d never experienced a really large dick before. I’d salivated over them on the porn movies we watched together, and we had a dildo that was eight inches long, which we used on me, imagining it was a real cock spreading my pussy lips open. I had a feeling that the real thing was going to be much better though.

I couldn’t wait, and neither could Matthew. The thought of watching him fuck another woman was exciting me too. I wondered what she’d make of Matthew’s six inches after being so used to the slab of meat that hung between her husband’s legs.

I also wondered what Matthew would make of nine and a half inches of beautiful dick plunging into my depths – I hoped he would enjoy watching it as much as he thought he was going too.

We were going to have fun on Friday night, of that I was certain.

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