Nipped in the bud

‘Nipped in the bud’ was my first foray into erotica writing!

It’s about a girl that owns a flower shop. Of course, there’s far more to it than just that! There’s a VERY well endowed man involved and even a little MM/F action!

Have a quick read of a the sample below the image, and if you like it simply click on the buy now button to add it to your collection!

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Chapter One

Charlotte slid the key into the first of the three locks and turned it. Repeating the process she opened the remaining two and pushed open the door. The alarm gave its warning beep and she quickly typed in the code to prevent it activating and alerting every policeman in the vicinity, sending them scuttling to a non-existent burglary.

She picked the mail up from the floor and made her way to the counter, flicking light switches as she went. The scent of fresh flowers filled her nose and she reminded herself, as she did each day she opened her shop, just how lucky she was.

It wasn’t every twenty two year old girl that owned a flower shop. Having said that, it wasn’t every twenty two year old girl that received a very healthy inheritance at the age of nineteen. She would always be immensely grateful to her wonderful late grandfather for what he had done for her, both in life, and in death.

Charlotte knew her grandfather would approve of what she had used the money for and hoped that if he was looking down on her, he would be proud.

She could have gone travelling the world and squandering the money in bars on far flung sunny beaches, but Charlotte was more sensible than that. She had jumped at the chance to take on the lease for the small shop in a prime position at the centre of the town she lived in.

The previous tenants had run a boutique so there wasn’t much that needed doing to the inside to transform it into her pride and joy ‘Charlotte’s Blooms.’

Now we’ll skip a few pages!

She pulled her head back and looked at him again, he was fully erect now, his cock angry and throbbing, heavily veined, thicker and longer than her imagination could ever had conjured up.

“Fucking hell,” she said, her ladylike qualities vanishing as this monster cock hovered inches from her face, “It’s huge.”

“Touch it,” Jason begged, his voice breaking.

Charlotte reached out and grasped it. Her hand was dwarfed by its immense size. It was thicker than her forearm, and longer than the distance between her wrist and elbow.

It was as thick as a soda can in her hand, pulsating against her palm and leaking pre-cum from the tip. His balls twitched with every movement his dick made.

She felt a hand on her panties and was shocked to realise it was her own. She pressed it hard against the fabric, feeling the heat and moisture. Her left hand stroked Jason’s cock as her right hand rubbed her clit through the thin cotton.

If you like it and want to read the rest just click on the buy now button!


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