My Pathetic Husband

A Gangbang Short Story.

When Stacey gets bored with her husband’s tenderness in the bedroom, she arranges to get things done the way she likes, and wants.

Things soon hot up when she arrives at a house where a group of men are waiting for her!

Halfway through the proceedings a shock latecomer arrives, which really gets things going!

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Chapter One

Steven’s face moved closer to mine, and his ass muscles tightened under my touch.
My nails dug into his flesh and I hid a smile as he winced in pain and took a short sharp breath. His lips touched my mouth and he kissed me gently, his tongue grazing mine and his fingers stroking my cheek.
He slid his dick slowly from me, and paused briefly before sliding it into me once more, carefully and frustratingly unhurriedly.
I wanted to scream, I wanted to grab his hair and beg him to fuck me harder, beg him to fuck me like a real man would. He made love to me as if I would break if he dared show any passion, any sign that he was losing control.
“Do you like it?” he whispered in my ear.
“Yes, my darling, it’s lovely.”
Lovely? Fucking lovely? I wanted painful, I wanted rough, I wanted to feel my pussy being hammered and I wanted to feel my clit throbbing. I wanted to be fucked for chrissake, not stroked and caressed like I was some sort of goddamn fragile virgin.
I closed my eyes and pictured my favourite scene from one of the films I liked to watch on-line. I imagined I was the woman who was being thrown around the bed while three men fucked her in every one of her holes, and treated her like she was nothing more than a dirty whore who was there for their pleasure, and their pleasure alone. Jesus Christ, I would have fucking paid to be that woman.
Steven began to breathe more deeply and the speed of his thrusting increased marginally. “I’m going to come,” he said, his breath hot on my earlobe.
My finger nails dug deeper into his flesh as I began my orgasm routine, polished to perfection by four years of lacklustre sex. “Me too, Steven! I’m coming too!” I lied, as I held him close to me, pulling him as deep inside me as I could.
I moved my head from side to side and bit my bottom lip as I moaned and groaned. Steven allowed himself a little sound of delight as I concentrated on the muscles between my legs and squeezed hard. “I can feel you coming,” he said, as my pussy tightened on his cock.
“You’re so good, Steven,” I said, the lie slipping from between my lips without even the faintest whiff of guilt.
My husband shuddered as he orgasmed, making ridiculous little gasps and soft moans.
Fucking hell, there was nothing I wouldn’t do to have a man rip his big ejaculating dick from out of my ruined cunt and spray my body with his hot cum. Instead, I was forced to have my husband quivering on top of me like a fish out of water, as he whimpered like a bullied school boy.
Things were going to have to change around here. Things had to fucking change – my husband was pathetic.

Chapter Two

Four years without an orgasm which I hadn’t given myself was a long time, and it was with a smile that I joined an on-line dating service for married people who were looking for an affair.
The word affair didn’t seem fair, or appropriate, for the sort of relationship I was looking for. I was looking for dirty, rough sex — not meals in posh restaurants and secret trips away for the weekend, no — I just wanted to be the Ma’am in Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma’am. Nothing more, nothing less.
I penned a simple profile without a photo and sent it out into the world, hoping to get a bite. I’d simply asked to meet a man or men, who knew how to treat a woman in bed. I spelt out the fact that my husband treated me with too much respect in the bedroom, and hoped that I would receive a reply from somebody who understood that some women liked to be treated a little rougher than others.
Over the next few days, the replies started trickling in, and the trickle soon turned into a flood. Fuck, there were a lot of horny men out there.

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