My Husband’s Humiliation

A man is cuckolded by his wife!

Gemma (I need to stop basing my books on my fantasies!!) needs a big cock. Simple.

Her husband helps her find one and is humiliated as his wife performs in front of him.

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cuckold big cock humiliation erotica author gemma harrington

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Chapter One

“I’m not doing the hard work!” I said, looking Paul straight in the eye. “If you want to be humiliated by a bigger man, then you can start your humiliation by finding him for me.”

I put my hand between his legs and squeezed his small erection, feeling it jerk lightly against my fingers. “And make sure he’s big. I think I deserve it after four years with this.”

Paul groaned and pushed himself harder against my hand. He leaned forward to kiss me and I put my other hand on his chest. “No Paul,” I said, moving my hand from his bulge and pushing him backwards. “I’m holding out on you until you find me a big fat cock. The next dick that’s getting between these legs is not going to be that pathetic little thing.”

Paul smiled. “Now you’re talking, Gemma,” he said.


Chapter Two

Paul had always enjoyed me telling him about the men I’d slept with in the past, he especially liked hearing about how much bigger they were, and how much harder they’d made me come.

Recently though, he’d began begging me to fuck another man in front of him, a bigger man who could stretch me wider and touch me deeper than he could ever hope to.

He told me he wanted me to humiliate him too, make him feel small and worthless in front of a stud.

It hadn’t taken too much persuasion. A few dirty words whispered into my ear as he fucked me was about all I’d needed to decide that my husband had indeed had a great idea.

It wasn’t that I was unhappy with Paul in the bedroom – we had a great sex life and his cock did what it was supposed to, but what girl wouldn’t leap at the chance of being fucked properly while her husband watched and enjoyed himself?

 This girl certainly would.

Finally it was going to happen. Paul was searching online for a man that he thought would satisfy both our fantasies, and all I had to do was wait, and get excited. Very excited.

The memories of Jason came flooding back to me as I imagined being drilled deep and hard again. It had been a long time since I’d felt the stinging pleasure of a real man forcing me apart.

Jason had been big. Very big. Deliciously big.

He was the biggest man I’d slept with, and I could still remember the first time he’d popped his length out for me, all nine gloriously thick inches of it.

If Paul could find me a man with a dick like Jason’s, I knew I’d be a very happy girl. A very happy girl indeed.


Chapter Three

It was going to happen on Saturday night.

Paul had found a man that would put him to shame. His words, not mine.

As the day got closer I found my pussy clamping open and closed involuntarily every time I thought about it.

“Are you ready to see a real man use me Paul?” I asked, as we lay next to each other watching a porn movie.

“Are you ready to hear me screaming like those women are?”

Paul stroked his cock faster and reached for the wetness between my spread legs.

I slapped his hand away playfully and placed my own fingers on my quivering clit. “I told you, Paul,” I said. “No touching me until I’ve had a real man inside me again.”

Paul groaned. “I can’t wait to see a big cock in you,” he gasped as he continued to pleasure himself.

I pinched my clit gently between finger and thumb, just how I liked it and inserted the tip of a finger on my other hand into my hole. It was wet, hot and in real need of some girth sliding deep inside.

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