My First Big One

A wife’s first time with a well-endowed man!

All us girls like a big man, and the hotwife in this story is no exception!

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Chapter One

My husband lay beneath me, his face twisted in pleasure and his hands running the length of my spine.

“Oh my God, Katie,” he sighed, as I lowered myself onto his cock again. “That feels so good.”

I wished I could say the same in all truthfulness, but it had become apparent over the last year or so, that he just couldn’t press my buttons any more.

Of course, I told him it felt good, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or make him feel inadequate, but deep inside me I knew that things were going to have to change.

I was a woman who enjoyed sex, and I hadn’t properly enjoyed sex with Paul for a long time.

He tried his best. He put every ounce of energy into trying to make me come, but every orgasm he’d seen me have for the last few months had been faked.

I partially blamed him, after all, if he hadn’t ordered the huge dildo that was tucked away in a drawer under our bed, I would never have known that his cock just wasn’t big enough for me.

The first time I’d slipped the nine inches of latex inside me, I’d known there and then that I needed more inside me than his thin five and a half inches could ever provide.

I didn’t know how long I could carry on pretending that everything was all right. I loved Paul, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but I knew that eventually I was going to have to expand my horizons sexually.

I’d already spent many hours on internet chat forums, behind my husband’s back, speaking with well hung men who would be more than happy to provide me with what I needed.

 I would tell Paul in the most tactful way possible, and it was up to him if he wanted to be part of it, or live with the knowledge that I was fucking big cocks behind his back.

I hoped that Paul would be open to the idea of allowing me to sleep with other men. Aside from my frustration in the bedroom, our marriage was perfect. The last five years had been the best years of my life, emotionally, but the spectre of my sexual frustration was looming over our relationship like a dark shadow.

As his ejaculation spilled inside me and I faked yet another orgasm, I decided I would broach the subject with him, sooner rather than later.

Chapter Two

Paul lay next to me, one hand on my left tit and the other gripping his little erection.

One of my own hands was between my legs, sticky with juice as my fingers rubbed my swollen clitoris.

 The gangbang film we were watching was at my favourite part, the part where the lucky woman had one huge cock in her mouth, another in her cunt, and a long fat one in her ass.

I spread my legs wider as I rubbed my clit, imagining that I was the girl on screen, orgasming over and over again, as I was fucked by three beautifully well-endowed men.

I glanced to my left. “She’s a lucky bitch,” I said, inserting the tip of a finger into my wet hole.

Paul stroked his cock faster and turned to look at me. “You like that, huh?” he said.

“God, yes,” I said, “I’d do anything to be in her place.”

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