Get free books by becoming a reviewer!

Become a member of my ARC team! (Advanced reader copy)

Hi! Would you like to receive a copy of any new books I write before they are published? If the answers 'YES!' then sign up to become a member of my advanced reader copy team by filling in the form below.

How it works

It's simple! Whenever I have a new book ready for release I will message you and ask you if you are interested in receiving a copy. If you say yes I will email it to you in a choice of three formats - PDF, MOBI or EPUB. 

What do you have to do?

All you have to do to be a member of the team is leave a review for the book on Amazon. You don't need to buy a copy to leave a review on Amazon - anyone with an Amazon account can leave a review for a book even if they haven't read it. If you have a KU subscription it would be highly appreciated if you would download the book before leaving a review as this will help with the ranking process of the book.

To abide by Amazons review regulations you will also need to leave a comment in your review stating that you received a free copy in order to review it. (I will send you an example of a sentence you can use.)

Finally, I would ask that you send me an email when you have left your review and tell me which review you left. I ask this of you as some people join ARC teams, get free books and never leave reviews. It's just a way for me to make sure that I have an ARC team that is full of people who are enthusiastic about the process.

Don't worry - if the review you leave is not a glowing five star I won't hold it against you - we all read books we dislike now and again!

What do you gain from it Gemma?

Reviews mean sales (well good reviews anyway!)

Amazon use algorithms that rely heavily on books being reviewed - the more reviews the better the books exposure to potential buyers. It's hard enough getting sales for eBooks as it is and without reviews it becomes even harder!

So go ahead - sign up to my ARC team and get free books!

Simply fill in the form below and I will email you when I'm ready to start sending out advance copies of a book! Many thanks for your help!

Don't forget to sign up to my newsletter too and get a free book! (These are two different lists so make sure you sign up for both if you wish to receive my newsletter and become a member of my ARC team.)


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