Double Ebony – Interracial Erotica

One wife and two BIG black men!

Anna’s tiny husband is just not up-to scratch – or length and girth.

She arranges to fuck two big black men in front of her cuckolded and humiliated husband – with eye opening consequences!

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Chapter One

My husband adjusted the bulge in his jeans, “Will I be able to join in?” he asked, his eyes eager with excitement. “Or will I just be watching?”

I threw my head back and laughed. “You can join in when they’ve had their fun, darling,” I said. “Then you can clean the whole mess up when you’ve finished.”

“Like last time?” he asked, his face alive with anticipation.

“Yes, sweetheart,” I said. “Just like last time. You did a good job, and then I let you have lots of fun, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Anna, you did,” he said.

“If you’re as good as you were last time, I’ll let you fuck me with your little cock every day for a whole week,” I promised.

“Are they big?” he asked, his cheeks flushed. “The men?”

I laughed again. “Of course they’re big Johnny. Black men are often big, but the two I’ve got coming are very, very big. Or so I’m promised.”

I’d started calling John by the name Johnny seven months ago. It had helped him in the transition from man in charge, to my cuckolded bitch.

He’d wanted it of course. Maybe not at first, but after a little persuasion and no access to my pussy for two months, he had come around to my way of thinking.

One of my friends had suggested it, when I’d complained at how frustrated I was getting with John in the bedroom. Tanya had been cuckolding her husband for two years and their relationship had gone from strong to fucking unbreakable, since he’d handed her the reins of power.

 I loved John dearly but I needed more from him – things he just couldn’t provide me, things like length, girth and stamina.

At first my little Johnny had been shocked when I’d told him he was going to watch me fuck a real man, but after witnessing me being taken by a stud with nine inches of fat meat between his legs, he soon changed his tune.

These days he begged me to humiliate him in front of other men, and my life had become a whirlwind of strange men fucking me, either alone, or in groups of up to six on one occasion.

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