Car park Fun – First Time Dogging

A steamy story of a married couples first time dogging!

A sexy story of a car park gang bang! This book has it all – big cocks, group sex and lots of orgasms!

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Chapter One

“Are you sure?” I said, looking Mark deep in his eyes. “Are you absolutely certain?”

Mark wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly into him, his erection apparent between our bodies. His blue eyes twinkled as he spoke. “Yes, Kate” he said, “I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life.”

I placed my lips on his and he slipped his tongue into my mouth while pulling me even closer to him.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth and we kissed passionately, both our minds on what I would be doing that evening.

His erection was hard against my belly and he moved his hips from side to side, trying to get some release.

We’d both been in heightened states of sexual arousal all day. I was ready to be fucked right there and then, in the kitchen, but I knew I had to save myself for whoever the lucky man, or men, would be.

I broke our embrace and took a step backwards. “Easy, tiger,” I smiled, “you don’t want to go off in your jeans do you?”

Mark laughed and adjusted the bulge in his trousers. He reached for his jacket from a hook on the wall, and picked the car keys up from the table. “Come on then, dirty girl,” he said, “let’s go and get your itch scratched.”


It was an itch that had been building for six months, ever since we’d taken a night time drive and found ourselves in a carpark which was host to the most amazing sight I’d ever seen.

A few cars had been parked in a darkened corner and a group of men were huddled around a woman who was kneeling in the gravel, a cock in each hand and one in her mouth.

We’d watched for as long as we felt comfortable and left the carpark, me with a wet pussy and mark with an erection that lasted for the whole of the twenty minute drive home.

When we got home we had practically ripped each other’s clothes off and fucked on the living room floor, as we imagined us taking part in something like we’d just witnessed.

It was our introduction to dogging, and we spent many hours watching videos and reading articles on the internet about the lifestyle.

Finally, we had decided to take part ourselves. We researched the etiquette which was involved in dogging, and decided on a day that we would get involved.

That day was here. Tonight I would pleasure, and be pleasured by strange men, and I couldn’t wait.

I’d dressed in what I thought was appropriate clothing – a short skirt which clung to my curves, a tight top which showed off my tits, and most important of all, no panties or bra, allowing quick and unhindered access to my tits and my smoothly shaved pussy.

I looked like a slut, and that’s what I wanted.

My long brown hair was tied back in a ponytail and I’d applied more makeup than I normally would – I wanted to look the part, I wanted to look like a whore.

With the door slamming behind us, we left our house and made our way to the car. I was on my way to being a carpark slut, and my pussy throbbed with anticipation.

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