About me

erotica book websiteHi! I’m Gemma!

I’m 28 at the time of writing and I live in the beautiful countryside of Wales in the UK.

I’m happily married to my wonderful partner of eight years who’s been my rock since I had to give up full time work due to an illness.

He’s supported me all the way in my venture as an author, and even though I may not be the most talented writer in the world, he always gives my books an A+ (He wouldn’t get fed if he didn’t!)

I’ve had many jobs in my life but nothing comes close to letting my sordid imagination flow through my fingertips and into my eBooks – I love it and hope I can continue with it for as long as possible.

Aside from writing, I love to bake and if I’m not at my keyboard I can normally be found in the kitchen, or out in the countryside walking our two gorgeous dogs.

I feel blessed to be able to ‘work’ while enjoying myself and I hope you will enjoy reading what I write.

I intend to keep on publishing books for as long as I possibly can and I hope you will continue to read and enjoy them!

I hope you enjoy this website and I urge you to keep coming back as I will be adding lots more to it in the future, including some short stories and a free book that you can download.

Thanks for supporting me!

Love and hugs,

Gemma xxx

P.S – That’s not my husband and I in the picture – I sort of wish it was though 🙂


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