A night in the brothel FF/M Bi-sexual story

This book follows Stacy and her boyfriend as they visit a brothel together.

Will Stacy cross the line and get down with another woman? You’ve probably guessed!

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brothel erotica, FF/M bisexual erotic book, gemma harrington author

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Chapter One

Who’d have thought that me, Stacy, a prim and proper girl next door, would be walking through the doors of a back street brothel? Until tonight I certainly wouldn’t have.

The power that Charlie had exerted over me in the brief two month relationship we’d shared, had changed my mind about a lot of things.

He didn’t control me or exert any physical power, he just had an unfathomable depth that made me want to please him, made me want to do anything he asked, even sexual things.

I watched Charlie as he handed over some paper notes to the aging woman behind the leather trimmed desk, most certainly a hooker herself in a previous life. It was an entrance fee, Charlie had explained, we would pay the girl we chose directly.

Charlie looked like he was at home as he walked along the dim red lit corridor, and he should be. He had made no bones about telling me at the beginning of our relationship that he visited these places. It was his animal magnetism that had stopped me from walking away there and then, choosing instead to share him with the women that took money to pleasure him.

Let’s skip a few pages!

Annalise place her hand on it gently and Charlie grunted and thrust his thighs higher, needing her touch. I reached the top of his thigh and grasped his balls, massaging them as I watched Annalise expertly apply pressure to his throbbing shaft. I wondered how many cocks she had held in that hand and felt a rush of respect for her, and a warmth flowing between my thighs.

Charlie groaned and bucked as we pleasured him, his hand reaching out and touching me as I stood next to the bed, taking my nipple in his fingers and twisting it.

“Somebody fuck me,” he begged, writhing on the bed, his cock pulsating as Annalise stroked and squeezed it, speaking to him softly as she did, and looking directly into his eyes.

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